Cocon HHS

In opdracht van de Haagse Hogeschool heb ik cocon-vormige belcellen ontworpen. Deze worden bij het College van Bestuur, Bestuurszaken en (mits ze goed gebruikt worden) door de rest van de Haagse Hogeschool toegepast.


New Perspective

New Perspective is my graduation project at the HKU. New Perspective is about the discrimination, marginalization and stigmatization of wheelchair users. The aim of this artwork is to offer the viewer a new perspective towards wheelchair users.



Pudica is a biomimetic design inspired by 6 organisms, many life’s principles, multiple sustainable development goals and countles weeks of research meant to actively reduce anthropocentric noise and create awareness around the subject.



Urbeez is a project where the focus lays on non-human centered design. The design revolves around the idea of saving solitary bees from extinction.


Celcius - Facade

As part of a group named celcius I designed the facade of a modular energy-positive house. The focus of this project lies on transportability, being able to be used in a wide variety of scenarios, easy and quick to build, modern / futuristic look, while remaining affordable.


Utrecht Overvecht - Identity

Two shadows, or rather a silhouette of a parent and child filled with prejudices.

I chose a shadow because for me it resembles anonimity, while at the same time being very personal. Everyone carries their shadow with them.



This project resembles the process of going through difficult times.


Livingroom Art

A still live that emerged after a series of random visits to people’s livingroom.

After people has shown us their most precious piece of art in their livingroom, it was time to give back to the one that appealed to us the most.


Haarlem Oost

In an effort to show the municipality of Haarlem possible solutions for wasteland in Haarlem Oost I designed a VR room and designed some possible solution scenes to be used in the VR room.

Get in touch.

If you happen to have any questions regarding me or any of my projects, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.