Livingroom art

With the use of two dices we randomly selected which bus to take and at which stop to get out.

One of the many houses at which we weren’t allowed to come inside to take some pictures of their art… I wonder why haha

How we got started

Like stated in the top of this page, we got started by getting a few dices and rolling these to get the number of the busline we should take, and at which stop we should get out. This way we would end up at the most random places possible.

We didn’t quite prepare what we would say so once we stood before the first door we were like “oh shit what are we going to tell them actually? That we want to come in and take pictures of their art, that sounds a bit.. weird, right?” Well we chose do to it this way anyways; properly introduced ourselves, then get the conversation going for a little, ask about what they would consider to be art in their living room and if they could tell us all about it. And finally if we could take a picture of it.

The Pianoman

This was one of first contestants, he claimed not to have any art inside his home, but then later told us he considered his piano to be the most precious art in his living room. According to him it really made a statement and gave a warm feeling.

What was in it for them?

Mainly a bit of social interaction and for them to perhaps change their perspective on what art is. Whenever you say something is art, then it is.

What they didn’t know is that we would choose who we found to be the most interesting / inspiring and give them art back, art that we would have created ourselves and would be related to the first time we met.

The winner

The person we eventually chose was a woman with an interesting story about a tablecloth. It wasn’t just any table cloth, it originated from the textile museum and was made by Kiki van Eijk. Quite a remarkable tablecloth to say the least. Even more interesting was that the table cloth wasn’t laying on the table, but rather hanging on the wall instead. 

We noticed that the tablecloth was filled with food, spices, herbs, a tea-pot and much more. We decided to do something with this for the artwork we were going to create for her.


The artwork

The artwork we made is a still life photograph. We did our best to find the stuff that was present on the tablecloth. We later continued to create our own photo studio and arrange the items we bought in the best setting possible.

The artwork

When we stopped by to surprise her with the artwork, we were immediately invited to have some tapas with her. The work was really well received and she said the only thing she was missing in her house was a classical piece of art, which she now had thanks to us.