About Niels

Artist statement

Niels has an impact.
Not only on individuals, but on audiences who need it, whether that be humans or nature itself.

Niels originated in Alkmaar in 1998, later grew up in Tuitjenhorn, and is currently living in Utrecht where he is developing in the world of Design.

His work describes him well as an innovative student with a broad interest in nature, helping nature & specific target groups and doing research.

The projects that give Niels his out-of-the-box vision range from buildings in all shapes and sizes, to the design of public spaces, various follies, products and photographic material. Characteristic features of Niels include investigative work, bringing together different information sources and ideas into a convincing unique design.



When I start a project, step one always is sketching and research. Ontop of that it is what I would describe myself as; a research-based designer. I like to gather as much information from all sorts of sources. Sources such as the internet, reading books, asking people around me and I sometimes talk with experts etc. I consider information to be both in the form of text and visual.

Filtering and organising

After I’ve done my research I start filtering my aquired information. I start filtering by comparing different sources with eachother and consider what is useful and what isn’t for the project. Sources can be articles, inspiration images and many other forms of information.



Now that I am done filtering information I start with combining useful information. During this process a lot of my own fantasy and vision alongside my earlier sketches will be added to the project and combined where possible. After this process a lot of sketches and mock-ups will have been made. 


Designing and reflecting

I have now arrived at the final phase. I have made a lot of different sketches, models and will start reflecting on what I currently have and compare that to the original assignment. I’ll loop through this entire process a few times to make sure both me and parties involved are satisfied with the final product.


Because I have been confronted with the loss of two people of my age who were close to me in one year time, I wondered what my purpose was in this world. I wanted to change the way I was currently living and decided I should have impact on this world and the people living on it. I want to help, whether that be helping nature or helping people who need it.


Years at HKU

Years doing photography

Years of experience with 3D drawing and rendering



Get in touch.

If you happen to have any questions regarding me or any of my projects, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.