Niels Noordeloos

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What niels does

Niels is a young creative who likes to explore beyond set boundaries in the most creative ways possible.



The way Niels works is mainly research-based. He likes to get as much information about a subject as possible, after which he can decide what information to work with.


A lot of projects Niels has worked on revolve around the idea of connecting, whether it’s connecting people, humans with nature, and much more.


Convincing Design

Projects Niels has worked on are convincing; they get the message across, they give people the feeling they’re supposed to feel.

Out of the box thinking

Because Niels is a research-based designer, you might think that limits him in his creativity; however, quite the opposite is true. His way of connecting dots in clouds of information is remarkable and makes his Out of the box thinking stand out.

Design in all forms

Niels is familiar with a lot of forms of design. However, he’s not afraid to try ways of designing he is unfamiliar with. It doesn’t matter whether it’s working with metal, fabrics, woodworking, photography, 3D drawing & rendering, or even designing with nature.


Photography is a significant aspect of Niels his life. Years of experience with looking through the lens has taught him to look at the world uniquely. He has an excellent feeling for composition, a fantastic eye for detail but isn’t afraid to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Most recent artwork

New perspective

Why Niels is different

Niels has an impact, not just on individuals but on target audiences who require so.

He has a unique way of connecting the dots in clouds of information

Previous renders

A quite recent rendering project is Pudica; a biomimetic design project about anthropocentric noise reduction.

More renders


Here you can find a raw estimation of Niels’ skills he has learned throughout his career. Take in mind that 0% equals no knowledge of it whatsoever, and 100% equals the fact that Niels truly knows all the ins and outs of that particular skill.

During Niels’ time at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, he has improved a lot of skills he already possessed. Moreover, he has gained a lot of new skills in 3 years. He has developed a lot in that short period, but also has a lot to learn. Niels is open to learning anything new and ready to improve wherever needed.

  • Rhinoceros 80%
  • SketchUp 45%
  • Grasshopper 20%
  • Lumion 90%
  • Adobe Lightroom 98%
  • Adobe Photoshop 75%
  • Adobe Illustrator 65%
  • Adobe Indesign 60%

Get in touch.

If you happen to have any questions regarding me or any of my projects, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.