The focus of this project lies on transportability, being able to be used in a wide variety of scenarios, easy and quick to build, modern / futuristic look, while remaining affordable and leaving little to no footprint.

The facade had to comply with a variety of guidelines because it was part of a competition, some of which were that it had to fit in a large seacontainer.

Since I was asked to make it reference the Netherlands in some way, I came up with a sinus shape which defines the love/hate relationship with the sea. However there was little space to play with since it had to fit in the seacontainer (for shipment all around the world and to the competition). So I had to make sure there was some form of optical illusion to still make the shape really stand out.

In combination with the maximum width, lenght, the decision to go for a modular unit so that the unit could be expanded to the customer’s preference, and the need for an optical illusion of depth, I came up with a sinus shape that consisted of individual elements. Where these elements should be in contrast with the background to increase the illusion of depth. The individual elements do not only create an illusion of depth, they also it ensure that the building is experienced differently from different angles.