Product Design


What is permeability?

Permeability is a material property that describes the extent to which one type of matter passes through a different kind of matter.

However, if you look at it in a more broad perspective; you could describe the permeability of a building, for example, is high when it has a lot of doors and windows. This permeability is high because those doors and windows are openings from the outside to the inside.

This view on permeability can be expanded even further, which is what I did with this project.


At the beginning of this project is was doing little experiments with permeable materials such as nails, how well those nails would pass through one surface or the other. I experimented with the permeability of smoke and how well it would let light through and the pattern that creates.

Later I got inspired and decided I wanted to process my love for chemistry in this project, which I did by going back to the principle of permeability, the material properties and started experimenting with different kind of substances in combination with water.

As I was experimenting, I came across a few exciting phenomenons, especially with ink. It created a pattern similar to what I had been experimenting with before; smoke and light.


At this point in the project, I got confronted with death for the second time in one year.

At first, it felt like a major setback, I stopped going to art school for a while because I needed time to get my shit back together.

Definition of this project

Later I managed to turn this setback into motivation. I started working on this project again and managed to connect dots that I hadn’t seen before during my time experimenting. Earlier during experimenting, I had a glass tube filled with water, topped off with a layer of oil. Once I dropped an ink drop, it got slowed down by the oil, seemingly stuck in there. However, after a few seconds and sometimes a few minutes even, it got in contact with the water, and as some kind of explosion, it was set free.

This phenomenon was precisely what I was going through;

  • The ink represents my tears, filled with thoughts I couldn’t comprehend.
  • The layer of oil represents the processing time.
  • The explosion in the water represents the emotion that was finally released.

I later decided to do something with the nails and staples I had been experimenting with. I finally decided to make a face out of it, where the ink would come out of the eyes.

I used long staples to create the face to represent the raw, hard, rough feelings.