Spatial Design

Haarlem Oost
A different view

For the past 25 years there has been a lot of discussion regarding Haarlem Oost, specifically the area between the Amsterdamse vaart and IKEA.

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What has been created

Seacontainer Dorms

Creative Process

Because involved parties had been discussing for more than 25 years what to do with the area and no real modern ideas were presented I decided to take a more modern turn by designing a VR room for people to experience possible solutions for this area.

VR room

The VR room is not only made to show people why some ideas would work, but also to show why some wouldn’t work. And now they’d be able to walk through that world themselves instead of having to look at drawings and scale models.



What the area needs is attention, it’s a wasteland at which no one dares to look. In order to gain attention for the area I presented the idea of high-rise, expecting some fuzz to arise which would lead to people in the area having to think along for what should happen with the area.

On the other hand I gave the high-rise a rather green look to show my intentions with the area.



At the East side of the presented area lies recreational area, however to get there you’d have to cross a freeway, which in case of cyclist is possible due to tunnel. For animals on the other hand it’s quite a death sentence to cross from one side to the other.

In an effort to make the recreational area and the wasteland a whole, I decided to have trees grow to create a small forest on the wasteland. And eventually build an ecoduct for animals to have a safe passage from one side to the other.

People visiting the forest would be able to use the ecoduct too so they can visit the recreational area more easily.

Seacontainer dorms

With the never ending crisis in lack of housing for students, a quick way to try and combat that would be placing dorms built from seacontainers as they require minimal work to be set up and transferred to location.

This can either be a temporary (±5 years) or permanent student housing.

Temporary would be an effective way to gain traction for this area. Permanent would be an efficient way to give more students housing.


The forest would be a great way to fill up the dead wasteland, it’d bring more animals into the area, it mutes the sound of the freeway, and makes it smell better when having a freeway nearby. It would also be more pleasant to look at than the side of IKEA with a wasteland in front.

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